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Observation helps you deliver your content to your audience and sell your products to your market. We align your online strategy with your business goals, manage your content from creation to expiry, and test your online presence with real users.


Usability Testing

Do you know which parts of your web site or e-commerce store your users struggle with? Knowing the parts they find most challenging helps you focus your efforts and improve user uptake.

Content Strategy

How do you currently decide what content should go on your web site, and when? A web content strategy defines your editorial governance model and formalises your content lifecycle.

Project Management

Who do you have overseeing the alignment of your goals and objectives with your designers, developers and writers to bring your vision to life? Our project managers help deliver projects on time and to budget.

Online Marketing

Which online channels perform best in improving your brand positioning and creating awareness of your products? Get help to develop a plan and calendar that aligns with your business goals.

E-commerce Store

When did you last pursue new markets for your products? Find out about our multi-channel e-commerce solutions that place your products before multiple markets with almost no extra effort.

Web Design

How well is your web site performing online? Your web site should be mobile-friendly, search engine optimised and appealing, and should add value for your users, realising the return you had planned.

Web usability testing shows you whether your web site or e-commerce store is easy to use, which sections your customers struggle with, and what alterations may be needed.


Observation is a boutique web consultancy in Dunedin, New Zealand.

We specialise in web usability, content management, online marketing, project management, web site design and e-commerce development.

We draw upon over 20 years' experience to provide the most appropriate solutions that yield measurable results, and help you conceptualise, design, build, validate and maintain your web sites and e-commerce stores, and align your online marketing activities to your business goals.

With us, you are guided through the process and advised on relevant strategies, features, functionality, trends, user experience, technology platforms and usability principles every step of the way, leaving you to focus on what really matters.

Whether an e-commerce store, a mobile friendly web site, a content strategy, or an online marketing plan, our processes are straightforward and easy to follow. And, you can choose how active a part you wish to play.

Web content strategies define your roles, your styles and your content lifecycle, which underpin how you plan, create, publish, maintain and expire your web site content.


We haven't always just conducted reviews and built web sites for others.

Our founder and managing director wrote his first line of HTML at university. He started up an Internet café the following year and began developing web sites for clients.

He later designed and developed an award-winning Enterprise Web Content Management System and managed large and multifaceted web environments. He has played a part in hundreds of web site and e-commerce development projects.

In his spare time he conceptualised and developed a few online brands of his own.

He brought these together under a single business model. Observation came to be and now oversees a user-contributed content portal, affiliate networks and an online store, and is creeping ever-closer to launching a SaaS product to the social sports sector.

Looking ahead, we plan to redesign our user-contributed content portal in the short term, relaunch our online store in the medium term, and develop our second SaaS product that we’ve conceptualised, and complete a book we’re authoring in the long term, all the while helping organisations like yours achieve better results online.

Online marketing strategies direct your efforts, help you reach your target audience, and ensure you engage your audience at every step of the marketing and sales funnels.


The way we do the things we do.

Having worked across a broad range of small, medium and large web projects, we have experience in waterfall and agile development methodologies. Knowing the benefits and pitfalls of each positions us well to select the most appropriate methodology for any given assignment.

Nevertheless, we typically apply a blended agile methodology and reap the benefits of both.

We begin by immersing ourselves in your needs. Our experience has us asking the right questions during the discovery phase as we capture everything we need to know to get the best result.

We start planning solutions to your requirements and present you with plans, concepts and designs.

As you review the designs, we embark on the development phase and create iterations in a systematic way. Our products gradually evolve from their initial state to ones that blend with your priorities, content and functionality, and result in a seamless user experience.

We then move on to the acceptance phase to ensure your new e-commerce store, mobile friendly web site, content strategy or marketing plan meets the scope of the design and development brief, and everything behaves as it should. This is followed by the ever-exciting launch.

E-commerce helps take your business online and gets your store running so you can start helping yourself to a piece of the $3.75 billion New Zealanders are spending online.


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Web site design considers your audience and their needs together with your goals and brand, and presents your content appropriately irrespective of the device being used.